Tips to Select Granite Kitchen Counter Tops

So, you have decided to refurbish your kitchen. And you have also thought of using installing granite countertops. The thing is as soon as you enter the marketplace, you will be baffled by the amount of choice on offer. You need expert advice on which granite kitchen top is suited to your kitchen. Here are a few tips to help you: Granite Kitchen Counter Tops

Granite counter tops feature hardness, high density, is wear-resistant and acid/alkali resistant. This makes granite counter tops an ideal choice for kitchens.
Moreover, dirt or chemicals find it difficult to penetrate granite because it has high density and is wear-resistant.

There is one limitation though. It can be manufactured in small lengths and it is not possible to get one piece granite kitchen top. It will have seams in between. Bacteria may grow in these seams.
That is why it is advised to hire a professional to install granite kitchen counter tops. Marble Kitchen Counter Tops

Granite kitchen counters can be coupled with natural marble to give a unique and beautiful vein which is very popular in home decor. Like granite, marble too, has a large variety of colors. Therefore, it is easy to match with granite and the surrounding environment. While buying, take a closer look at the marble surface.
If you find some minute crackles, avoid it immediately as it makes marble products fragile and they break apart from the crack after a period of time. Cleaning is also difficult as oil or dirt tends to penetrate the crack and is a breeding ground of bacteria. If possible, be limited to granite kitchen counters and avoid marble counter tops in the kitchen as it is an acid and alkali environment. Granite Kitchen Counters Coupled with Stainless Steel

Stainless steel offers a modern and fashionable look coupled with granite kitchen tops. The surface looks very shiny and clean. Since there isn't any place for bacteria to hide, therefore it is the best anti-bacteria material. On the other side, the stainless steel surface is easy to scratch and these scratch marks cannot be removed.

This fashion is fast catching up. These tiles can be specified in countless colors and are also very thin and light in weight compared stone tiles.
This also eliminates the need to reinforce the base. Granite kitchen counter tops made of granite tiles are durable in use and also quite economic. The downside is that as with any other tile, it is easily broken when hit. Follow these tips while purchasing your granite kitchen counter tops or marble kitchen counter tops. Remember, that every material has its own advantages or disadvantage and it depends on what your preferences and choices are.
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