Kitchen Countertop Natural Stone Choices

Countertops play a significant role in every kitchen. Many times, home owners are bored with the same old kitchen that was used several years for cooking.
If you don't want to spend a fortune to remodel your kitchen, but still want to give a new look, consider using natural stones as countertops. Even if you are building a new kitchen, stones are great choices for countertops.

You can create your own unique kitchen by choosing natural stones that fit your needs. Remember that while choosing countertops for kitchen, you have to compare the stones based on the functionality and not only on the looks of the stone. Granite countertops are more popular choices because granite stones are not only durable, but they are also extremely functional. Most modern day sealers allow you to use granite countertops maintenance free.

However, granite is not affordable for everyone. Even though some mid priced slabs are inexpensive, if you want some unique patterns and colors, then you have to pay more. Marble kitchen countertops are also popular among home owners who don't mind caring more for their countertops.

It is not that only white marble looks classy. There are marble stones in various colors and patterns suitable for kitchen countertops. Stains are often a problem with marbles, but many chefs prefer to have marble countertops exclusively for rolling out purposes. Slate is another kind of natural stone suitable for use at home kitchens for countertops.
Both polished and matte finished countertops in slate stone are common. If you need a durable countertop that looks sexy as well, then soapstone countertops are well suited for your kitchen.

Kitchen countertops need not always have the stone looks. Enameled lava stones are now becoming increasingly popular as kitchen countertops. These stones have a smooth crackled finish and they are highly stain resistant.

However, the number of manufacturers of enameled lava stones are less and hence, these stones are suitable for luxurious kitchens. Limestones are naturally occurring sedimentary rocks that are also used in kitchens as countertops.
Using natural stones for kitchen countertops increase the value of your homes, provided you make the right decision. Natural stones are porous in nature and hence, proper maintenance is required.

Some of the natural stone countertops require frequent sealing and polishing to retain the beauty of the stones. Natural stone countertops are durable and long standing, making you to forget about remodeling your kitchen again.
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